Childbirth Education

Chantal Traub is a Childbirth Educator, she is Certified in Lamaze and in CEA/MNY (The Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan New York)

Chantal has also studied yoga and anatomy extensively. She applies this to her understanding and teaching, encouraging her students to a deeper awareness of themselves and to find their own way with birth.

Private Sessions

Chantal offers private Childbirth Education classes in the comfort and privacy of your home. The private sessions are designed to meet your needs and desires for your birth.

The class will cover all aspects of labor, both physically and emotionally. We will discuss all natural pain coping options and complete explanations of pain medications and technology available. The emphasis is on labor being a normal body process and having as many pain coping choices as possible.

Childbirth with Epidural

This class is for the woman who has decided to use the epidural as her main pain-coping tool. This class gives an overview of labor, early labor management and most effective use of the epidural as well as other paths labor could take.

Childbirth Refresher/ VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

Yes, Vaginal birth after Cesarean delivery is possible! Chantal explains the benefits (and risks) of both VBACs and repeat cesareans. The class is designed for Mothers preparing for a Vaginal Birth After a previous Cesarean.

We work on overcoming fears about labor, and explore pain-coping techniques. We'll also discuss the hospital's routine procedures to avoid. We spend time reviewing the first birth and we will also discuss the differences of this pregnancy and family adjustment as compared to the first.